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Yes or No – Decide Yes No by Spinning

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What is a Yes or No Wheel?

It is a Yes or No choice-making helper we can call it is. It generates a random yes or no choice with a spin. It also named as Yes or No picker. The Yes or No wheel makes you make your decision easy and quickly by avoiding all of your confusion.

Wheelspinner has two modes: 1. Yes or No mode 2. Yes or No, maybe a choice.

When to use Yes No Wheel?

Sometimes, we have been in a situation where that isn't easy to choose between two or multiple options. Whether you should choose this or not, whether you should buy this or not, whether you should invest in it, the situation falls under the very confusing situation.

How to use the Yes or No wheel?

Let's go through modes of yes, no wheel by wheel spinner

Mode 1 : In this mode, you do not need to do anything if you are only in a yes-no situation. Just spin the wheel with a click and pick the answer.

Mode 2 : This mode will help you when you have the name of the choices. So, you need to add the names of the objects into the input box and to the wheel. After that, spin the wheel and pick your choice.

Sometimes it is good to believe in your luck!

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