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Yes / No Wheel

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Yes / No wheel

What Is a Yes or No Wheel?

Yes No wheel is a free online tool that helps users make accurate and speedy decisions. It is a specialized tool that generates random yes or no answers and allows users to get rid of their confusion.

Its handy features make it suitable for anyone to access this tool for any purpose: be it education or fun events. Users need to insert the input, click on the spin button, and get the right answer.

So without wondering much, go ahead and access the yes or no generator wheel!

How To Use Yes or No Wheel?

Yes or no generator wheel is an easy-to-access tool. Even beginners can conveniently play this game by following the given steps.

  • Firstly, navigate our website on your browser and then head to the yes or no picker wheel section.
  • Select any one of the sets from 1 to 5 from our website's interface.
  • Our tool features two modes: yes or no and yes, no, or maybe. Users may choose any one of the two based on their preference.
  • Now, tap on the spin button to rotate the yes or no wheel. Keep spinning the wheel as long as you wish!
  • After the rotation stops, the generated result pops up on the user's screen. The generated results are quick, efficient, and unique.

Input Title Section

Enable the title section to make the users get familiar with the purpose of the spin wheel, such as 'SPIN AND WIN EXCLUSIVE AWARDS.' By seeing the title itself, users can sort out what type of a spin wheel it is. Move the cursor to the input sections and click on the title icon to open or close your title section.

View All Results

Each time you spin the wheel, the generated result gets accumulated in the wheel spinner. You can also save the score as an image by clicking on the download option.

If you wish to view all of your previous results and analyze your decisions, you may tap on the open all results button. All the decisions made by the yes-no wheel since your first visit are displayed on your screen.

Full-Screen View

You can click on the full-screen button to see everything in one view. When in full-screen mode, the inputs section will be hidden except the open all tabs button, and the yes or no spinner will be enlarged for the user's ease.

You may also click on the full-screen to reduce the wheel image and get out of the full-screen mode.

Mute/Unmute Sound

Is the sound in the background while spinning unpleasing to your ears? Our yes or no spinner wheel has the feature availability to either mute or unmute the sound as per your comfort.

Choose Wheel Speed

The yes or no wheel spinner features a variety of configurations and customizations to suit the user's needs and preferences.

Wheel speed custom is one of the various layouts of this tool. It gives the users ability to change the wheel speed ranging from level one to five from the tool settings.

Additionally, users can fix the spinning angle and enable the manual stop button.

Choose Spin Duration

Customizing the wheel speed duration is an easy-to-do task.

  • Firstly, reach out to our yes or no wheel website.
  • Then head to the tool settings section situated below the wheel section to find the different tool setting options.
  • Click on the settings and select your preferred wheel speed duration from one second to thirty seconds.

Repeat If It Needs

In case the users are not satisfied with the decision made, they may click on the reset button to rearrange the generated result and get a new output.

Users may avail of this feature numerous times and repeat the process as many times as they want until they're pleased with the outcome.

Where To Use the Yes No Wheel Spinner Tool?

In our day-to-day life, there are various situations where we have numerous options, and it becomes confusing for us to pick between a yes or no. Decision-making often becomes

intimidating and frustrating. In this case, the yes or no wheel acts as an apt tool for users. It is useful in various scenarios such as:

  • Should I have lunch outside today?
  • Should I go shopping?
  • Should I buy a pet dog?

Additionally, this handy tool can also be used to kill boredom and relieve the stress and anxiety of our everyday life. Users may access this as a game and play it with their friends and known ones in their free time.

How Does the Yes or No Generator Work?

The yes or no button works straightforwardly. As soon as the user taps the spin button, situated at the center of the screen, it starts rotating, and the user gets the yes or no answer in a few seconds. The generated output is not included in the next spin.

How To Play a Yes or No Wheel Game with A Spinner Game?

Playing the yes or no wheel game is quite subtle. When the page launches, you find default yes or no in the segments of the wheel. Tap the 'spin' option to start spinning your wheel and get the corresponding outcomes.


Can I Use a Yes and No Wheel Spinner to Make Big Decisions?

Yes or no spinner wheel was developed to assist users in making their day-to-day life decisions, such as whether they should go out today.

However, we do not recommend users to take the help of this tool for making big life-changing decisions such as choosing a career option because random choices may create a problem.

How Many Times Can I Use This Tool?

The user-friendly interface of this intriguing tool allows users to use it for free with unlimited access!

Users can repeat the decision-making process with the help of the yes or no generator wheel as many times as they want.