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Wheel Spinner

What Is a Wheel Spinner?

A fun and fully customizable picker wheel that would help you make difficult or random decision easily.

Confused about what topic to choose for the project or what dish to order on a Saturday night? We got your back!

You can think of literally anything and insert the input into the Wheel Spinner, and click on Spin. And you have the answer to any complicated question.

The Picker wheel uses an expertise algorithm to generate a fair result to any question without any tampering.

The wheel spinner is one of the best tools for those who get confused in making choices. Indecisive situations can be overcome with the use of the spinner tool.

All you have to do is input the choices in the wheel and spin it. Multiple inputs can be added and the wheel can be spin to get rid of the confusion and decision making is made simpler for all users.

No matter how tough the decision is, wheel picker got it all covered.

How to Use a Wheel Spinner?

The Randomizer wheel is an easy-to-use tool that can be used by both kids and adults to make random choices.

The wheel spinner can be useful in choosing who has to do the next dare in the game, would be bringing ice cream on the next trip, which food to order, or which team will be formed for the group project.

All these require random name (choice) making and the wheel spinner would do that easily for you.

The Wheel Spinner can be accessed by using a few simple steps.

Insert Input

Type in your required input text or choices that would appear on the wheel in different color schemes.

Use Color Picker

To appeal to your brand or preferred colors, you can also use the color picker tool and pick your desired shades straight from the interface. This color will be applied to different sections of the wheel.

Add/ View List

You can add a new list, or view previous lists that you have added. This can save the time taken to add a new list every time you organize a Saturday game in the office.

Edit/ Remove/ Hide Input

The lists that you have added can be edited to add more choices, remove some who have left the game, or hide those who are at a pause from playing.

Spin The Wheel

Here comes the fun part, your decision wheel is ready to spin and you have to give it the push it needs by clicking on the spin wheel button.

Choose Action Mode

Lastly, you can also choose your desired action mode after selecting random choice.

More Option

In addition to these basic features, the picker wheel offered here also provides additional features like shuffle the list, removing all the inputs, enabling them all, or even resetting the counter for a fresh start.

Mute/ Unmute Sound

Whether you want to keep the bars raised or make the parley stay low, you also have the feature to mute or unmute the animation sounds as per your preferences.

Wheel Personalization?

The Spinner Wheel can be customized in several ways like.

Change Wheel Slice Color

The wheel is divided into many slices according to the inputs you enter, for instance, if you input 7 choices, the circle would be divided into 7 parts and for 5, it would be 5.

The color of these slices can be changed according to your wish. You can choose from a variety of color palettes and apply them to the wheel.

Spin Duration

The spinner wheel spins for a particular time. This time duration can be changed as per preference and it can be satisfying to see the wheel spinning for more time.

Wheel Spinning Speed

The Wheel spins at a default speed set by the tool, this speed can also be changed from the customization menu to any speed, fast or slow, as the user desires.

How to Open/Save List?

Users can easily access their previously generated lists from the ‘View/Add List’ from the ‘Input’ section. Here you can see the last input list. This list can only be accessed from the same browser. This data can be lost if you clear or reset your browser data.

However, if you Sign Up for a free account, you can access up to 10 previous lists easily. Added benefits include ease of access on multiple devices and no data loss on resetting the browser data.

Hide the Title Section

By default, a title section can be seen at the top where you can input the title of the spinner for a more clear format. This section can also be hidden from the more option.

Besides the ’View/Add List’, click on the three dots, that represent ‘More’. On clicking on it, an option to disable the title section can be seen.

If your title section is already disabled, an option to enable it can be seen.

View Results History

As you keep on spinning the wheel, sometimes keeping a track of all the results might prove difficult. In such cases, the results history might come in handy.

On the bottom left of the spinner, a history icon can be seen. Click on the icon and the result history can be seen. All times you have spin the wheel and the result generated by each spin can be seen here, so you can play fair and make sure others do so too.

Full-Screen Mode

Everything is better when it is large, the name picker wheel can also be used full-screen. On the right to the spinner, the expand screen or full-screen button can be seen.

By toggling on the full screen, you can see or show the spinner from across the room and see which choice is made.

Dark Mode

Playing some late-night games and the screen is too bright? The Picker wheel cares for your comfort.

You can turn on the dark mode for the spinner tool to play in the dark and for an enchanting look at the game. From the ‘More’ option, select Dark mode and the took can be accessed in dark mode.

Action Modes of Wheel Spinner

Wheel spinner is more than just any random name picker. Here is how the wheel can be used in different scenarios using different modes.

Normal Mode

In this mode, as soon as you click on the button, the wheel decide a random result from the various options you provided.

Use Case 1

This mode is great to determine a single outcome, such as a winner chosen randomly, upon spinning the wheel.

Elimination Mode

If you’re playing any kind of game that involves certain humdrum tasks and eliminations, then elimination mode certainly fits the bill for you. It picks a completely random option while eliminating a particular choice with each option it picks.

Use Case 2

A great application of this model can be utilized in classrooms, where teachers can decide some questions and use the wheel to randomly pick students to answer the questions. This will allow them to keep track of who has already answered the question and who is yet to answer.

Accumulation Mode

With accumulation mode, each input is counted as a selection and is carried forward to the next spin. The decisions are still randomly accumulated.

Use Case 3

You can also use it to determine which meal to eat by accumulating the preferred choices after various rounds of spins.

Free Wheel Spinner Tools

Yes or No Wheel

Looking for an answer to a Yes/No question, check out our YES or NO Wheel. This wheel answers the questions that require a YES or NO as an answer.

To use this wheel, simply open the Yes or No wheel and spin it. It already has YES or NO inputs in the wheel so you do not have to add any inputs manually.

Number Picker Wheel

Want to generate a random number or a series of numbers, our Number Picker Wheel has the widest options for the purpose.

The random number generates random numbers for many purposes like choosing which seat to be allotted to which guest, or which number of the player wins the lucky draw.

Random Letter Picker Wheel

Young children, especially toddlers tend to learn better visually. Keeping the vision to make learning more interactive.

We integrated the feature of generating random letters from the entire set of alphabets in any permutation and combination as you may require.

It’s a great utility for parenting and teaching tasks that make today’s kids sharper.

Random Team Generator

Check out our Random Team Generator to generate teams randomly. Input the name of players who need to be put in a group, select their gender, check if the groups need to be balanced in terms of gender, number of groups to be created, and the number of people in each group.

This way, teams are generated randomly and efficiently by the Random Team generator.

Random Image Picker

Let your child or students identify the objects in their daily life and gain a better awareness of the environment with the help of this random image picker tool on this website.

To plan the learning process in your way, you can add your desired pictures to the platform and have them randomly shuffled

This way, you can ask your children to identify the random image that appears, and also use the process as a fun bedtime activity for their passive learning.


Are Wheel Spinners Rigged?

No. Wheel Spinners follow an algorithm that makes the outcomes fair and the choices decent. However, some people may say otherwise, but the fact that Wheel Spinners are fair remains unchanged.

How Do You Cheat or Hack Wheel of Names?

The algorithm of the Wheel of Names cannot be tampered with. However, cheating can be done anywhere, and so can it be done here.

You can create multiple entries with the same name or with the codes that lead to the same name. This way, the probability of that input increases significantly.

How Does a Wheel Spinner Work?

The wheel spinner accepts inputs from the user and with the help of an expert generated technique, the wheel is spun to make a random choice with no human interference.

The AI tool leaves room for no tampering.

We Need Your Feedback

Our team is busy developing new and advanced tools for you. We expect nothing more than a few feedbacks from our precious users.

Please take a moment to tell us how you like our tool and features. We appreciate your support.